emojiHi there. My name is Rachel and I’m a web developer.

Until recently, I worked as an assistant editor in children’s literature. To me, part of the magic of books is that their simple form–ink, paper, words–can hold such complex meaning. Writers can think up and big, messy ideas and–if they’re good at what they do–convey their entire artistic vision to another person (or, hopefully, lots of people).

Over the past decade or so, I’ve come to appreciate elegant websites and applications for very similar reasons. Programming allows a person to communicate an idea–possibly a big, messy one–in an elegant and simple form that can be accessed by all sorts of people.

Over a year ago, I started tinkering with code by night, stumbling through the early stages of learning through a combination of online sources, including Codecdemy, StackOverflow, and Learn, among many others. I also started this blog to track my progress, and share the most interesting and helpful articles, podcasts, learning tools, etc that I discover along the way.

Currently, I’m a web development fellow at the Flatiron School, an immersive coding bootcamp in New York. I was a student in the November 2016 cohort at Flatiron, and now teach students going through the Ruby and Javascript immersive that I completed.



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