JS Questions: What is jQuery?

This is the sixth in a series of posts I’m writing that aims to provide concise, understandable answers to JavaScript-related questions, helping me better understand both foundational concepts and the changing landscape of language updates, frameworks, testing tools, etc.

What is jQuery?

JQuery is a widely-used JavaScript library that makes it easier to access and manipulate DOM elements with JavaScript.

Developing with pure JavaScript is relatively tedious and time consuming, because it takes a lot of work to access DOM elements and assign any changes I may want to make to them. With vanilla JS, I’d have to grab an array of elements by class name, for example, and then iterate through those elements and remove a class. With jQuery, though, I can find elements by class and update them in one step.


JQuery can also be used to simplify tasks such as making animations, handling client-side events (such as a click), and making AJAX requests. Another benefit of using jQuery in contrast in vanilla JS is that the library has cross-browser compatibility built-in, meaning webpages built with jQuery generally should work the same across all browsers.


In recent years, many new JavaScript libraries and frameworks have emerged. JQuery has fallen from popularity as new techniques and approaches have moved to the forefront, but for small webapps, such as a single page JavaScript game, jQuery may still the the right choice.



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