JS Questions: What is the DOM?

This is the second in a series of posts I’m writing that aims to provide concise, understandable answers to Javascript-related questions, helping me better understand both foundational concepts and the changing landscape of language updates, frameworks, testing tools, etc. 

What is the DOM?

The DOM, or Document Object Model, is the structure of HTML elements that make up a web page. It’s often described as a tree, with the document object (or whole HTML document) being the root, and the head, body, div, etc nodes as branches.

The DOM is not a Javascript-specific interface, but Javascript can be used to access and modify DOM elements. With scripts, web pages can be made to react to user inputs, such as mouse clicks, for example, by–let’s say–removing or adding elements or modifying the css. We call these interactions client-side events.

Originally, short scripts were added to otherwise static HTML pages, but now Javascript can be used as the main source code for entire web sites.





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