In a followup to my post about CodeWars and Coderbyte (two sites that offer coding practice problems), here are my notes on the latest site I’ve been using: CodeFights. CodeFights has several types of challenges, including quizzes, “Tourneys,” and “Head to Head” competitions, but I’ve been using only the the “Code Bots” feature so far.

I like the setup. Each challenge has three parts: one problem fixing broken code, one problem adding to partially written code, and one problem to solve from scratch. At the end, my scores are matched against a “bot” to see who won. It’s nice having a warmup to the hardest problem at the end, and I liked that I’m pushed to stay focused through three problems. The challenges I have finished so far are comfortably within my ability level, and completing each set unlocks a new (presumably harder? If so, the increase in difficulty is marginal) challenge.

I’ve found it user-friendly and glitch-free so far. Occasionally the instructions for problems are a little unclear.

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