Eloquent JavaScript Ch 1-4

Finished reading the first four chapters of Eloquent Javascript this morning. I found it trickier to absorb concepts by reading about them than I have being guided through using them (such as in Codecademy) and trying to implement them in problems (CoderByte, CodeWars).

That said, Eloquent JavaScript filled in some knowledge gaps that I probably wouldn’t have intuited from solving practice problems. One example: “simple and elegant” solutions (such as using recursion instead of a loop) are often not the fastest or most “machine-friendly.” Another example: striving for “pure functions” (ones producing specific values that can easily be combined and used in new ways).

Closure: “being able to reference a specific instance of local variable in an enclosing function”

Recursion: function that calls itself

Mutability: “content of a value can be modified by changing its properties”

Map: “a way to go from values in one domain to corresponding values in another”


One thought on “Eloquent JavaScript Ch 1-4

  1. you will get some trouble from very technical people if you say that recursion is about functions. however, most of the recursion you will notice as a coder will be recursive function calls. (im on your side here, recursion usually is about function calls. just not technically always.)

    i wouldnt worry about it, its just a detail. i read a blog post once about it here on wordpress; im not sure how relevant this will ever be to you or to me. 🙂

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