JavaScript Cheat Sheet Updated

After working through several of CoderByte‘s easy challenge problems, I have added quite a bit to my JavaScript Cheat Sheet. Most additions are built-ins which I have become more familiar with using (such as array.reduce(), array.sort(), and Math.floor() /Math.round() /Math.ceil()). I also added the basics of using regular expressions, which I had not encountered until reviewing CoderByte’s provided challenge solutions.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet_Updated

(p.s. these are my personal notes, not any sort of official guide.)



Eloquent JavaScript Ch 1-4

Finished reading the first four chapters of Eloquent Javascript this morning. I found it trickier to absorb concepts by reading about them than I have being guided through using them (such as in Codecademy) and trying to implement them in problems (CoderByte, CodeWars).

That said, Eloquent JavaScript filled in some knowledge gaps that I probably wouldn’t have intuited from solving practice problems. One example: “simple and elegant” solutions (such as using recursion instead of a loop) are often not the fastest or most “machine-friendly.” Another example: striving for “pure functions” (ones producing specific values that can easily be combined and used in new ways).

Closure: “being able to reference a specific instance of local variable in an enclosing function”

Recursion: function that calls itself

Mutability: “content of a value can be modified by changing its properties”

Map: “a way to go from values in one domain to corresponding values in another”


JavaScript Cheat Sheet

Finished Codecademy’s JavaScript course recently, as I’m preparing for bootcamp admissions tests. The similarities between JavaScript and Python (which I used in a Udacity course) were obvious from the start, and of course, the programming fundamentals (for loops! while loops! if/else statements! etc) are the same.

This week I’ve started doing Coderbyte problems, which is certainly putting my new knowledge to the test. I like Coderbyte’s user experience–very clean and straightforward. (Tried Codewars last week and didn’t like the setup quite as much.)

The cheat sheet I created of Javascript basics has come in helpful, especially for double checking my syntax. Here’s a PDF of what I have so far.   JavaScript Cheat Sheet

(p.s. these are my personal notes, not any sort of official guide to JavaScript.)