Udacity Updates + “Cheat Sheet”

Working my way through Unit 2.5 “How to Solve Problems” in Udacity today. Last week, I finished my Unit 2 lessons and practice problems on the train to and from Washington, DC, which felt like quite an accomplishment. The problems have definitely started to get more challenging, and keeping track of the overarching tasks (such as determining whether and how to use a whether/if/or else statement) as well as the details, including proper indentation and colons, has been a little overwhelming.

One downside of the Udacity class setup is that it’s hard to go back into older lessons to review a problem that has already been solved. I’ve started taking screen shots and keeping notes on paper to save a little time and frustration. In an episode of Developer Tea I recently listened to, David Hemphill mentioned that creating a “cheat sheet” for himself contributed to a major gain in learning momentum. Tidying up my current notes would probably be a good cheat sheet start for me.

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